Our Partners

Our Partners

North Alta Industrial Medical Services


North Alta IMS is a premier Industrial First Aid service that provides you with the peace of mind when an accident occurs on-site. Our staff has the experience, training, and equipment to ensure that the situation is managed in a safe and expediant manor. We believe that patient care should be the same no matter where the incident occurs. We have the capacity to meet the industry’s demand. We have developed innovated solutions to hire and train people to be their best.


Western Canadian Mulching Ltd.


Western Canadian Mulching Ltd., located in Fairview, Alberta, provides Mulching & Slashing Services.


D 10404 110 St.
Fairview, AB T0H 1L0

Telephone: 780-835-5073

Savanna Energy Services Corp.


311-6th Avenue SW.
Suite 800
Calgary, AB T2P 3H2.
Phone: 1 403 503 9990
Fax: 1 403 503 0654
Savanna Energy Services Corp. (Savanna) is a premiere North American energy services provider headquartered in Calgary, Alberta. Our primary offerings include conventional drilling and well servicing, and comprehensive oilfield services such as oil field equipment rental that meet the needs of our diverse oil and gas customer base. Savanna is uniquely positioned in the energy services industry, incorporating Aboriginal partnerships and community involvement with leading technology that includes PLC-controlled service rigs and patented hybrid drilling rigs.

With a fleet of 100+ drilling rigs and 100+ well service rigs, Savanna has expanded into major markets in the United States due to customer demand, and anticipates further U.S. drilling services expansion. The Company has also operated telescopic doubles in Mexico, and established field offices in Brisbane and Toowoomba, Australia.

Focused on maintaining industry leadership in performance and safety, Savanna also brings value to oil and gas customers through partnerships with numerous Aboriginal communities in western Canada. These communities have ownership positions in both drilling and service rigs in partnership with Savanna, as well as associated employment and training opportunities.